All day long, elderly and well-to-do Henry Fitzgerald would sit on his front Porsche yelling at passers-by.

When I have some Porsches to spare, I think I might give this a go. A prerequisite though, would be a questionable state of mind. It couldn’t be good for the car paintwork or window integrity to have a perpetually rocking rocking chair on top of it, supporting the weight of blanket and cane bearing senior citizen with possible undiagnosed Tourette syndrome.

For some reason I’m fond of the stereotypical grumpy old man sitting on his rocking chair on his front porch (or indeed Porsche), rocking incessantly, mumbling to himself and yelling unreservedly at anything moving within his field of view.

For this reason, I’m a big fan of Clint Eastwood’s movie “Gran Torino”, but also because it’s a powerful and moving movie. While he didn’t sit on top of a Porsche and yell at people and all things in motion, he did have a Gran Torino on which he also didn’t sit atop. Happily though, there was quite a bit of mumbling and expression of discontent with the world.

I somewhat amused myself with the drawing of this cartoon. Admittedly I didn’t laugh out loud at the absurdity / stupidity, but there might have been a tiny hint of a smile off and on. If someone else had drawn it however, and I were seeing it for the first time, I dare say I would have been significantly more amused.