Original art by Kathy Clemente

Rat shoveling snow Postcard
Subway Rats Postcard
Postcard "Rat with a Yogie Earring" painting
I Love Rats address label from kmcoriginals
Rat Cat Beach 'No Cats' Sign Postcard
Rat relaxing on Beach Postcard
Rat Snowman in scarf Postcard
Santa Rat Christmas Card
Turkey run rats wild Thanksgiving kmcoriginals Holiday Postcard
Rat bowl of spaghetti KMCoriginals paper plate
Rat card cigar booze drink
Rat T-Shirt cute
Rat surfer note card
Rat high voltage sign on fence Postcard
Cats and Rat with strawberries postcard
Rat fell while ice skating postcard
White Rat on Gray Tie
Red Shawl Rat Christmas Card
Cat and Rat Dancing Christmas Card
Rat in Hammock postcard KMCoriginals