Original art by Kathy Clemente

Rat Devil Halloween Postcard
Rat in Shark Costume Halloween kmcoriginals Postcard
Grim Reaper Rat Postcard
Rat in Devil Costume Halloween postcard
Rat with Skull Halloween Postcard
Rat Sad Surfer, I Miss You Note Card
Rat in Raven Hat Postcard
I Love Rats Keychain
Rat fell while ice skating postcard
Rat in Santa Hat Christmas Card
Rat Grim Reaper Halloween Label
Rat with Leaf Fall Postcard
Rat and Pigeon Postcard
Rats on a Date Stickers
Rat Mad Paws Up Postcard
Rats in Hats Eating Lunch Postcard
Rats Rattie Reunion 2 Postcard
Rat on Tube, RELAX! Classic Round Sticker
Rat shoveling snow stickers
Rat shoveling snow Postcard