Original art by Kathy Clemente

Postcard "Rat with a Yogie Earring" painting
Subway Rats Postcard
Rat shoveling snow Postcard
Rat feeding raven egg postcard
Grim Reaper Rat Postcard
The Rat Race Beach Postcard
Rat White Raven Postcard
Rats beach, Going to the Beach! Bumper Sticker
Rat in Raven Hat Postcard
Rat card cigar booze drink
Rat and Dragons Postcard
Rat Mad Paws Up Postcard
The Raft Rat Beach Postcard
Gang Bunch of Rats Postcard
Rat in Race Car Postcard
Rat fell while ice skating postcard
Cats and Rat with strawberries postcard
White Rat on Gray Tie
Rat Cat Beach 'No Cats' Sign Postcard
Man and rat swimming cotton swab Postcard