Original art by Kathy Clemente

Rat Snowman in scarf Postcard
Rat in St Basil's onion dome hats postcard
Rat Valentine's Day Greeting Card kmcoriginals
Rat and Dragons Postcard
Rat Floating with Drink in Ocean Postcard
Rats in Hats Eating Lunch Postcard
Rat Cat Beach 'No Cats' Sign Postcard
Rat Lover Stationary Stationery
Drunk Rat with Beer Card
Graceful Rat Skating Postcard
Rat in Raven Hat Postcard
Rat under Mushroom Postcard
Rat surfer note card
The Raft Rat Beach Postcard
Gang Bunch of Rats tank top
Rat high voltage sign on fence Postcard
Cats and Rat with strawberries postcard
Rat in Daisy Hat and Lace Gloves Postcard
Rat in Hammock postcard KMCoriginals
Bunch of Rats at Rattie Reunion Notecard