Original art by Kathy Clemente

Rat and Pigeon Postcard
Subway Rats Postcard
Rats and Pigeons Postcard
The Rat Race Beach Postcard
Graceful Rat Skating Postcard
Rats beach, Going to the Beach! Bumper Sticker
Rat under Mushroom in Rain Postcard
Rat Rose Skull Postcard drawing
Rat Mad Paws Up Postcard
The Raft Rat Beach Postcard
Gang Bunch of Rats tank top
Gang Bunch of Rats Postcard
Rat high voltage sign on fence Postcard
Rat on beach playing cards
Fluffy Cat and 3 Pink Roses Postcard
Bunch of Rats at Rattie Reunion Notecard
Rats by old tree hide and seek Binder
I Love Rats Necklace
Rat Rose Skull Note Card
I Love Rats license plate kmcoriginals