Original art by Kathy Clemente

Rat Devil Halloween Postcard
Postcard "Rat with a Yogie Earring" painting
Rat card cigar booze drink
Rats Easter Baskets Postcard
Saluting Rat Sailor Postcard kmcoriginals
Rat in Shark Costume Halloween kmcoriginals Postcard
Subway Rats Postcard
Rat and Pigeon Postcard
Rat in Devil Costume Halloween postcard
Rat and Dragons Postcard
Turkey run rats wild Thanksgiving kmcoriginals Holiday Postcard
Rats in Hats Eating Lunch Postcard
Red Shawl Rat Christmas Card
Gang Bunch of Rats Postcard
Rat Snowman in scarf Postcard
I Love Rats Bumper Sticker
White Rat on Gray Tie
Rat Merry Christmas ornament
Rat Cape and Basket, Happy Birthday! Note Card
I Love Rats Tee Shirt