Mountain Bike GoatsIn a dingy room, namely because the light has been eaten, a quartet of goats play poker sitting at and standing on a poker table.

Less common than Dogs Playing Poker, goats playing poker are less serene, picturesque and orderly than their canine counterparts and also tend to eat more of their environment. Snacking on poker chips, playing cards and lamp shades, their game is destructive but nonetheless enjoyable. It can be difficult to determine a winner at the end of the game. Perhaps it’s the goat with the biggest belly after there is nothing left to eat.

Far removed from their high altitude mountain bike relatives, poker-playing goats prefer to hide away in ground-level secluded rooms, away from nature and any form of transport.

Fainting Goat Surprise PartiesUnlike fainting goats, poker-playing goats remain conscious at all times and thrive on the excitement of eating everything that can possibly be eaten at the poker table.

Goats are remarkable animals. They have a lot of quirky and varied tendencies from rock climbing to fainting to screaming. One of my favourite traits is their ability to precariously stand on obscure objects, such as the shells of old cars in paddocks or cylindrical tanks on their sides (without rolling); whatever is available to them really. I’m sure if they had access to columns of wobbly vertically stacked furniture, they would proudly balance themselves on those as well.