Two goldfish play an intense game of Memory with cards. It has an adverse affect, draining the limited memory resources available.

Recently I entered a cartoon caption contest. I won’t go into the details of the cartoon, but my caption was “Go Fish.”. This got me thinking about fish and card games, then goldfish more specifically and their stereotypically poor short term memories (which are now believed to be not as bad as alleged).

In an effort to improve their (alleged) poor memories, and besides doing a daily Sudoku, they could play a card game called “Memory” which, for those who aren’t familiar with the game, involves recalling card locations and values to find matching pairs, but usually no goldfish.

A few years back I played a game of Memory with a six year old. The child was amazingly good at it and he appeared to identify pairs with ease compared to my semi-guesswork technique.

Iterating through a few caption and speech bubble ideas, including the goldfish wishing they were playing “Go Fish” instead, the resultant goldfish memory cartoon is above, complete with omitted speech bubble text.

I enjoy drawing (and eating) fish for some reason, which is odd, since I loathe fishing. This would be due in part to not having any positive fishing experiences. Quite a few of my previous drawings involve fish. One in particular involves quite a few fish.

It just occurred to me that the blank speech bubble may be a subconscious remnant of the recent cartoon caption contest.