An apparently blind man stands at street corner, being lead by a drooling, visually impaired guide dog, being lead by a Russian Blue cat. The Labrador has with it, a yellow rubber duck (for reasons ambiguous).

Hmmm. What can be said about this cartoon? There have been some mixed responses from people I’ve shown it to.

The main concern seems to be the significance and inclusion of the rubber duck. There is no significant significance. I merely added it as a would-be chew toy for the visually impaired Labrador. I imagined he / she wouldn’t really be doing much in the way of work, and so would probably like to take a favourite toy along for the trip. I tried to find a well recognised toy for a dog, but couldn’t find much that wouldn’t result with “What’s that?” when I attempted to draw it. I don’t know that dogs have rubber ducks as toys, but I know they can and do have rubber toys and often ones that squeak when compressed. I decided to use the rubber duck because it is fairly well recognised. At least now I get “What’s with the rubber duck?” instead of “What’s that below the dog?”. Mission accomplished. Also, aren’t rubber ducks funny? Maybe not as funny as a rubber chicken, surely they are a close contender.

As for the rest of the drawing, I was wondering what might happen if a guide dog didn’t see so well. I realise that if this were the case, it wouldn’t be deemed a guide dog, but I wanted to allow such dogs the opportunity to guide. My solution was a guide cat for the guide dog. If a subsequent panel were to be drawn a few moments later (in cartoon time), no doubt the trio (plus duck in dog’s mouth) would be walking along a fence, climbing up a tree or perhaps on the roof of a house.

I’ve drawn the cat staring at the dog which, in turn, is staring blankly at something outside the border of the panel. I’m not sure if the cat is displaying pity for the dog or annoyance at having to be tethered to it. My impression is that the dog has not yet seen the cat or a chase would probably ensue. It obviously has olfactory deficiencies as well.

Further ambiguity in this cartoon is the traffic light pole nearest to the dog. It almost looks as if the dog is trying to look at the push-button and licking the pole. This wasn’t intentional but just happened when I added the pole in. I think it was a serendipitous occurrence.

No text was added to this image. I’ve given my interpretation of what is going on here, but people viewing it can form their own interpretation.