Credit UnknownRapunzel has successfully made her escape from the tower and is now working in a cafeteria as a waitress. Unfortunately the “hair in my soup” complaints are on the increase.

It must be a drag (literally) to have to wander about with an extensive trail of hair flowing metres behind on the ground through the dirt and dust. The high friction between hair and floor surface would be bound to cause some hairs to go solo and travel around with passing interior breezes.

Still, Rapunzel soldiers on, walking to and fro between the kitchen and various tables, serving food and drinks to hungry and thirsty customers. Some are complimentary, but the majority just complain about the tiniest details such as grimy cutlery or the odd hair of monolithic proportions in their soup.

It’s probable that Rapunzel would also be tripping over her hair as she doubles back to previously travelled locations within the kitchen and dining area. I hope there are no lifts or escalators in the building as they could prove a severe health risk for poor Rapunzel.

The next time you find a hair in your soup, just be grateful that Rapunzel isn’t a waitress there. If she were, it would be more the case of finding soup in your hair.