Well, another year gone and a new one begun. Time goes so fast and seems to get faster with age (and possibly also with time which is rather recursive).

If the Chinese included a gnu in their list of Zodiac animals, there would be a ‘year of the gnu’ and people could wish one another a happy gnu year.

Happy Gnu YearThis got me thinking about how to illustrate a happy gnu year. Firstly, I decided that there should be a gnu involved and secondly, he/she should be a happy gnu. The next consideration was depicting a year in which the happy gnu could inhabit. I opted for the four seasons and thought they would translate well as a four pane illustration with the same happy gnu in each as per the following arrangement:

Summer Gnu – A beach scene with a swimming and rather sunburnt gnu (wearing flotation aids and bathers, not g/nude).

Autumn Gnu – Maple leaves abound, surround and almost bury a happy gnu, also known as ‘The Fall Guy’ (or girl as the gender dictates).

Winter Gnu – A cold gnu is partially buried in snow in this wintry scene. Happiness is still a factor, though it’s likely that the gnu has been frozen happy.

Spring Gnu – As the winter snow melts and the weather warms up, a happy gnu frolics waist-deep in blooming flowers. Spring Gnu is not to be confused with Pingu who is more likely to coincide / co-exist with Winter Gnu.

A larger gnu-view for each season can be found below:

Gnu references aren’t all that common, but back in the 80s there used to be several commercials on TV for Life Be In It (in Australia) to promote the importance of exercise. One of these ads had a jingle containing the lyrics “Talk to a gnu, at the zoo; he’d love to see you!”. I tried to find it on Youtube to include here but so far, no luck.

Happy Gnu Year.