Before their house of straw, the Three Little Pigs experimented with a house of cards.

It’s never really been documented, but rumours have now begun that the Three Little Pigs had an even flimsier house prior to their house of straw. It was a card house, a couple of (card) storeys high and it had no front or rear doors, making it rather draughty and vulnerable to burglars and would-be Euchre enthusiasts alike.

Its small dimensions made it unsuitable for pigs to live in, though a newborn runt or a guinea-pig might have been able to make it work.

Sadly it met its demise when a Big Bad Wolf passed by during construction. Without as much as a wolf-whistle of notice, he burst a paper bag behind the pigs, sending them scurrying in fright and razing the precarious structure to the ground.

If only they had employed some kind of strengthening technique to hold the structure together, this incident could have been avoided. Their subsequent three ventures could also have benefited from some form of re-enforcement and less wolf interference.