An espionage obsessed guy wearing a trench coat sneaks up behind his wife at the refrigerator and attempts to play “I Spy”, but not very convincingly.

Earlier in the year I had drawn a spy guy whispering to a woman and pointing. It was for a game a friend was working on, but it hadn’t been used. I saw it last week and thought I could add a prop and use it as a cartoon for the gallery.

The prop became an open refrigerator with a few miscellaneous bottles and cans stored in the door. The finished drawing shows the woman facing the fridge with the guy dressed up in a cliché spy outfit behind her, pointing over her shoulder at the fridge and whispering something to her.

This one was done a little backward as I pretty much had the drawing and had to figure out what the guy would be whispering and what the caption would be. Some competitions exist where people are asked to come up with captions for a given drawing. This was no such competition, but the principle was the same.

Being a spy guy, I thought it only fitting that he should be playing “I Spy” and for whatever reason, he shouldn’t be terribly good at it, by stating what it was that was being spied. Initially the item being spied was designated as bread, but then I realised that not everyone keeps bread in the refrigerator and some may wonder why there is bread in there. I sent it to a friend for feedback and he proceeded to guess that Bread and Butter Pudding started with bread. As much as I appreciated this, I ended up exchanging the bread for birthday cake. It’s probably something that people are likely to get more excited about when spotted in a fridge.

I enjoyed putting this one together. I’m not sure about the accuracy of my light and shadows, but I think it turned out ok. The items in the fridge door look a little 2-dimensional, but in a 3-dimensional kind of way, not unlike the pears on the tree in the First Day of Christmas drawing. I’ll just claim it as a style and let people think it’s intentional.