An ill cat with a broken leg lies in a hospital bed while a mouse laughs on the floor underneath.

Not a particularly funny cartoon, but I was originally* pretty happy with the title I came up with at the last moment. My Spanish is very limited, but I was aware that “gato” is Spanish for cat. This knowledge would have been acquired from watching Looney Tunes Speedy Gonzales cartoons growing up. El gato is Spanish for “the cat”, so I merely substituted the el with ill. I was on the verge of just calling it “Hospital Cat” for want of something better.

This was another old cartoon I had lying around on the hard-drive so I gave it a new lease on life with some colour and set it loose on the interweb. I can’t recall why I drew this, but I though it may now be useful on a get well soon card or magnet or other such product.

I tried colouring the cat as a tabby, as a tribute to a cat I had for the best part of twenty years, but it didn’t look as good as the grey and white one shown, so it remains.

I guess the pictures on the wall in the background would be analogous to people hanging pictures of food. I thought if a cat were to have pictures on the wall, the subject matter would be fish, birds, mice or other food source dear to cats.

Happy New Year.

*Amendment: Unfortunately my Italian is worse than my Spanish, and upon further research, I realised that “il” is Italian for “the” which works even better, so I have since abandoned the Spanish gato and acquired the Italian “gatto”. The title is now “Ill Gatto” (and hopefully won’t change again).