A man attempts to apologise to his girlfriend / wife, bringing her wilting flowers, chocolates and a partial recollection of the appropriate words to say.

This cartoon was inspired by an actual conversation. The flowers and chocolates, people and outfits are an embellishment, but the (in)sincerity of verbal delivery remains intact.

When I was thinking about this, I was wondering if the characters and caption would be enough for the cartoon. I was deliberating on adding some kind of ridiculous context for the conversation, determinable by background scenery or extra characters in the scene.

I had drawn a cat with a piece of buttered bread strapped to its back (buttered side up) sitting by the woman’s legs. The implication being that the guy had done this in an attempt to perfect perpetual motion and was now apologising for the experiment. The cat image can be seen below.

Perpetual Motion Cat

For those unfamiliar with the concept, the idea is that, given cats always land on their feet and bread invariably lands buttered side down, it follows that if buttered bread is strapped to a cat’s back and the cat is dropped from a small height, the conflicting forces in opposite directions will cause the cat and bread to rotate (as per a rotisserie) endlessly and essentially hover on the spot as the forces attempt to reach equilibrium.

Needless to say, this doesn’t work, nor should it be attempted.

I later decided that the extra information was unnecessary and the drawing as it stands was enough. People could come up with their own reasons as to why the guy might be in the bad books.

This one was fun to draw and colour. It will probably be the end of the flowers for a while. They have featured two weeks running now, so I’m going to put them down and walk away before they become integral to every drawing.