After having said, “I’m sorry. You were right, I was wrong, etc.” to his wife / girlfriend, a man finds himself wearing the flowers he had presented as a peace offering. She then storms off with a box of chocolates he had brought.

This is a follow-up scene to the one posted a couple of weeks ago titled “I’m Sorry. You Were Right, I Was Wrong, Etc.”.

Things didn’t go so well for the apologetic being of this stormy relationship and he ended up covered in flower petals. This was a concern regarding continuity. I had to be careful to count the number of petals in the earlier edition and then make sure they were all present and accounted for in this one. Granted, they may not be in the same location as the first one, but I’m fairly sure they are all there nonetheless.

The other main continuity issue was getting the characters looking somewhat identifiable as the same people. Different angles and limb orientations can lead to changes in proportion (for me anyway). When I first did this, I found that the woman had lost significant height due to shortened legs, so that had to be rectified. There are other proportion and continuity problems evident to me, but I probably shouldn’t be pointing them out here and maybe people won’t notice. Now that I’ve mentioned this, people may start playing spot the continuity error.

It would be an interesting exercise compared to my usual spot the difference comparisons. In the latter, I deliberately go back and modify details to produce differences, but with the continuity error version, they are largely unintentional, however I’d like to pretend they were intentional.

On the plus side of things, it was nice to not have to decide what colours to use. I could just go back and sample the pre-existing colours for reuse.

Facial expressions to capture the mood were a further consideration. Initially for this one, I had drawn the woman with her eyes closed and differently positioned eyebrows. I was going for an annoyed pout, but it looked more like she was sad and didn’t work as well. Next I tried her rolling her eyes but it still didn’t look appropriate. Eventually I went with glancing back over her shoulder with angry eyebrows and pout.

The guy just looks a little shocked and dazed. I was happy with his relatively small mouth compared to the large and boisterous mouth in the earlier edition (this was an intentional difference).