A couple are sitting on the sofa, watching the news on TV when the guy complains that a foreign speaker keeps interrupting the interpreter.

Recently while listening to the news on the radio, there was a report where someone was speaking in a different language and the English version was translated aloud at the same time. I recall actually thinking, “I wish the foreign guy would stop talking because I can’t hear / concentrate on what the interpreter is saying”. While this may be indicative of my focussing and multitasking abilities, it also gives a little insight into the random silly thoughts I have from time to time.

The cartoon above is a loosely modelled on such a thought, extrapolated to the more visual television news report. It would have been less engaging if they guy on the sofa was point to a radio on the TV unit to make his complaint. People might also then surmise that the couple had been recently burgled.

I’ve tried to keep the characters more ‘cartoony’ in this one, going for more irregular head shapes and simple yet exaggerated features. The outlines have also been left black in keeping with simplicity. It seems to have turned out ok.

For anyone looking at this who has a similar colour scheme going on in their living room and the same TV, lamp, curtains and furniture, I can assure you it is purely coincidental and I haven’t been spying through any windows for ideas.

Tech support interlude:

Speaking of windows, I just received a phone call from somebody claiming to be from “Windows”, wanting to talk to me about a problem with my computer. I asked them how they would know about any problem with my computer and they hung up on me. Perhaps they’ve seen the calibre of web content my computer has been producing and were concerned.

Similarly, all the characters in this drawing are fictitious. Any resemblance to any person is coincidental as well.

I’m not sure that I had any particular nationality in mind when I drew the fez capped guy with caftan-like outfit. Now that I think about it, he looks more like a beatnik time-traveller from the sixties. Still, he must have something very important to say to warrant an interpreter. Then again, going by all the arms in the air, maybe they’re just playing Simon Says.