In the dark of night, a Jackal Lantern glows, showing the way for wild canines with not-so-great eye sight.

Growing up in Australia, Halloween was something almost unheard of apart from what was seen on American television shows, but over the last few years it’s gradually become more and more prevalent. Many Australian children are now going on trick-or-treating expeditions, influenced by television shows, advertisements, the media and what they are taught in school.

One of the biggest influences is probably the promise of confectionery while on these door-knocking outings.

Jackal Lantern HugI’ve never really looked at the origins of the Jack o’ Lantern before, but when I hear the words mentioned, I tend to think less about giant carved pumpkins and more about wild foreign dogs with glowing light sources. So this drawing is my interpretation of the Jack O’ Lantern.

I enjoyed adding in the lighting effects and glowing eyes, peering through the darkness.

My only other associations with Halloween (in no particular order) are Peanuts comics / cartoons, the song by Christian metal band, Bride, called "All Hallows Eve", and the German metal band "Helloween" as fronted by Michael Kiske.