An offended dog sits on a recliner, reading a newspaper in a backyard. A nearby child tries coaxing it to fetch a suspiciously boomerang-shaped stick.

A long time ago in a galaxy not dissimilar to ours, I was the proud owner of a boomerang that was a souvenir acquired from a trip to central Australia. Many an hour was spent refining the art of throwing it around the farm and having it (sometimes) return. The distance it covered in a single throw was quite remarkable, my throwing ability aside. I’m sure I would have clocked up hundreds of kilometres on that boomerang.

Sadly the boomerang I had was designed for right-handers (as are most things in this counter-mollyduker world) and I was left-handed. Oddly enough, I still am. I’m sure there must have been some left-handed Aborigines who had the same issue and worked on a redesign, but at the time of purchase, I couldn’t find any made for the minority.

I once tried to fashion my own boomerang, mirror imaging the right-handed one, but it didn’t really fly well, so I stuck with the original.

Adapting as best I could, I managed mainly to have it fly around in a figure 8 pattern. It would usually reach the intersection of this pattern when it was back to me, but it was still way too high to reach, so it would continue with the remainder of the pattern before reducing altitude and landing not too far away. I think there was even the occasion where I managed to catch it on the full.

The demise of this boomerang came the day it collided with the 75 foot TV antenna (tower) and broke in half… but I’m off on a tangent…

Oh yes, a boomerang features in today’s drawing. I think I managed to get the dog looking suitably displeased with the (humph) head turn at the idea of playing fetch again.

I wanted him to be doing something somewhat intellectual for a dog, to contrast how beneath him playing fetch would be, particularly with a boomerang. In my rough sketch, I had him playing chess and looking up through his bifocals at the beckoning (sadist) child. Reading a newspaper on a recliner somehow seemed a more leisurely pursuit for him.

For the record, none of the dogs we owned attempted retrieving the boomerang. I think they were too smart for that. We did have a Smithfield however, that would spend hours chasing a plover around the farm. He also spent an equal amount of time being chased by the plover. It was a symbiotic relationship.