A woman is stranded by the side of the road because her green Ford Laser has a flat battery. She is offered a jump-start by a passing kangaroo with a battery in its pouch and holding jumper cables. A kookaburra laughs in the background.

Recently a friend and I were discussing car breakdowns and collisions with kangaroos in the bush. We decided that it would be really handy if kangaroos offered a roadside assistance service whereby they could have batteries in their pouches and carry jumper cables for jump-starting engines. It would be a little akin to St. Bernards carrying whiskey in barrels around their necks to assist people lost in the snow, though probably not as urgent or life dependent a scenario, unless maybe the car was broken down in the outback somewhere.

We thought that it might be a good idea for a cartoon and it could be called “Kangaroo Jump-start”, so I did some sketching and inking and colouring and the above image is the result. Little did my friend know that she would be featuring in the cartoon.

I still don’t enjoying drawing cars, but luckily there were a few of this variety on the internet to assist with visualisation. It’s meant to be a green Ford Laser, as this was a car owned by my friend that was more or less in a perpetual state of breakdown. It was also in a perpetual state of regeneration as parts where continually being replaced. I thought it only fitting that this should be the car broken down in the cartoon. It’s been largely put out to pasture now, but has been known to make a guest appearance when absolutely necessary.

While experimenting with colours, I stumbled across the silhouetted look of the trees in the background and immediately knew I would use that. It really helped to bring out the foreground and also helped to highlight the kookaburra amongst the trees.