A kangaroo skis down a mountain, surprised to find that her joey in pouch has ski poles and is anticipating the kangaroo ski jump ahead.

With the Winter Olympics on at the moment, my attention turned to all things cold, icy and snowy. Kangaroos aren’t generally found in this group, but I decided to include them anyway in today’s drawing.

Kangaroos don’t get much of a chance to refine their skiing skills. Perhaps ones living in the Australian Alpine region might, but on the whole, most would have to make do with sand, dirt, rocks or grass as imaginary snow.

I’m sure they would adapt quite well to downhill skiing, given their lower legs resemble snow skis to a certain degree (if you squint very hard). Such was the musing behind this cartoon and if kangaroos did go downhill skiing, how might any onboard joeys react? I’d like to think they’d just whip out a pair of ski poles and channel their inner skiing champion. As close to reality as this scenario gets though, most would be likely to freak out and dive to the inner depths of their mother’s pouch.

The joey was a little lost in this drawing. With all the lines within the pouch area and the colour similarity between mother and offspring, it took a moment to see it there and realise what was going on. Going around some of the joey’s outlines with white helped to make it stand out a bit. I was tempted to write ‘jump out’ there, but spared you that discomfort… or did I?

I’ve just noticed that on the homepage, the thumbnails for this drawing and the Cupid drawing for last week have the same background colour. Because they appear side by side, it almost looks like Cupid is hunting kangaroos. Maybe I could get a mural happening with the thumbnails.

It seems this drawing isn’t far removed from becoming a Christmas drawing. A couple of minor tweaks and the kangaroos could be wearing Santa hats.