Three kangaroos in a back yard, watch on in admiration as a fourth kangaroo bounces on a Pogo Stick, on a trampoline, reaching great heights.

More kangaroos. After a hard day’s roadside assistance work, jump-starting stranded motorists, I imagine kangaroos put away their jumper cables & batteries and like to unwind with a bounce on the trampoline. Not a standard bounce though. Kangaroos wouldn’t be too excited by general bouncing as they do it for a living, so they probably need to employ some kind of thrill seeking element.

I decided that they could reach extreme heights by using a Pogo Stick while on the trampoline. One at a time of course. Any more than one at a time would be too dangerous. Naturally, they would only do this while nobody is watching.

You will note there is also a basketball in the yard with the kangaroos. I suspect they were playing with this shortly before the cartoon was drawn.

The last time I drew a Pogo Stick was for the Tenth Day of Christmas with the lemming lords jumping over a cliff via a variety of means, one of which was the Pogo Stick. Perhaps I have a mild fascination with Pogo Sticks, but I would say even more of a fascination with kangaroos. They seem to keep appearing off and on in my drawings.

Initially the tree in the corner of the yard was looking a bit beveled with the way I had coloured it. There were only three flat colours for leaves, so I went over the joining colour edges to blend them and found it looked a lot better.

These kangaroos are professional jumpers and this should not be attempted at home.