A woman discusses her husband’s accident and previous occupation with an acquaintance in the park. In the background, the former truck driver rolls along in a souped-up wheelchair complete with dual wheels, air horn, cb radio and rear-view mirror. He chats on the cb radio as a rabbit frantically jumps out of the way.

This one was originally going to be called ‘Not So Big Rig’, but then at the last moment I thought of and decided upon “Keep On Truckin'” as it would have a deeper meaning. It would have an element of encouragement underneath the surface humour.

The idea for this cartoon came mid-conversation with someone. I can’t recall how the conversation was initiated (probably by some television commentary), but it concluded with both of us imagining some guy in a wheelchair that was souped-up to be rather truck-like with double wheels and cb radio. I recall saying at the time that I should have a go at drawing that, and this is the result.

The rabbit was a belated addition. I thought it would be a nice touch to have one scurrying out of the way in simulation of real truck evasion. In retrospect, I should have added an air horn to the truckie’s rig.


At this point, I just realised that the wheelchair had no front wheels and the guy seemed to somehow be mysteriously balancing there on the row of dual wheels. Grrrr.

Having already uploaded this image at various sizes and resolutions, thinking it was complete, I’ve gone back through the production files and added in some front wheels for authenticity and repeated many processes. While I was at it, I gave him an air horn as well and updated image descriptions to reflect this.

Maybe these items and more will be displayed as absent for a future spot the difference edition.