A cow becomes upset when the kite it was flying becomes stuck in the branch of a tree. This is perhaps a not so typical snapshot of bovine kite-flying life on the farm.

I’ve not known cows to fly kites, but I’m sure they would if they could. They could frolic around the fields, much like Julie Andrews in the opening of The Sound of Music, but with less spinning and accompanying music and more kite-flying. They would need to be cautious with this endeavour, looking out for overhead power lines and approaching thunder storms.

Trees are less dangerous, but more of a disappointment. As illustrated above, a cow’s delight can quickly turn to sorrow as a killjoy tree confiscates its kite and refuses to release it.

This is another drawing from many years ago that I found lying about and decided to give a makeover. My cow drawing ability has improved a little since then so it was due for a remake.

I had used my usual light blue shade for the sky in this cartoon, but when I made the kite string white, it was barely distinguishable against the sky colour. Making the sky more of a grey hue increased the string contrast significantly. It also helped to provide a suitably gloomier atmosphere (along with the dead tree and its gnarled branches) in which a cow could lose its kite and subsequently its happiness.