Lady Godiva sits side saddle atop a large seahorse with a spear gun in search of cod. A sea turtle swims by as a dolphin plays in the background. Three cod stay cautiously behind her, while one hides in seaweed below.

If Lady Godiva ever went hunting for cod, this is how I think she would do it. Recruiting her trusty oversized seahorse and other aquatic companions*, she would embark on her hunting expedition with scuba gear, shark-tooth necklace (as some kind of warning to sharks) and spear gun.

Naturally, being a lady as her name / title suggests, she would ride side saddle. I didn’t give her a saddle with which to ride side saddle, but there is a saddle blanket.

I don’t expect that seahorses kick, pigroot or buck when ridden, having no legs, but I’m sure the mount and dismount procedures would take place on the left hand side as with conventional equine.

It just occurred to me that I didn’t give her a riding helmet and probably should have. With the precarious side saddle riding, jagged rocks below and working with a spear gun, this is not really best practice. I guess I will have to go with the excuse that she is a professional hunter and the typical “don’t try this at home” disclaimer. Fortunately the cod seem to know about shooting safety and remain behind the weapon or hidden by seaweed.

One problem I’ve been having with underwater scenes is the colouring. I will colour them as vividly and nicely as possible, being happy with the result, and then dull everything down with a blue overlay because, after all, it’s underwater and nothing tends to look excessively clear down there. Adding visual degradation to a drawing seems a little counter intuitive. When I get around to it, I might add the non-filtered version so that the colour difference is evident.

This one took a little longer than usual, as there were a few more creatures to draw and colour, but I enjoyed the process.