An eagle stands over its three eaglets in their nest as they eagerly (and eagle-y) watch an instructional video on learning to fly.

Growing up on a farm, it wasn’t uncommon to see eagles flying about. The main variety in my area was the wedge-tailed eagle.

These majestic birds are usually seen flying in large circles high in the sky, but occasionally they can be seen sitting on a tree stump or flying low across a field. It’s not until you see one close up that you realise how big they really are. I can recall being told once that they have the wingspan of a cow. I always found that fascinating since none of the cows I encountered ever had wings. Perhaps there is a Pegasus-type cow equivalent out there.

While looking at reference images of eagles for this drawing, I came across this link to a live bald eagle web cam. These birds can be viewed at any time of the day or night (assuming they’re home) and there are two cams available to choose from.

I didn’t really have any particular type of eagle in mind when I drew this. I just wanted a large eagle towering over its offspring as they concentrate on learning to fly in a large nest with room for a wide-screen TV, remote control, popcorn, etc.

It’s been a while since I’ve done any cross-hatching, but I partially made up for it with the shading of the nest in this one. Initially this was a profile format, but ended up being changed to landscape to tighten the focus.

This was drawn fairly quickly, but took some time for the colouring process. I was going to leave it black and white for this post, but it was not easy to distinguish between the eaglets without colour.