Little Bo-Peep has lost her sheep,
and doesn’t know where to find them;
She was found late at night, by police with the light,
Attached to the squad car assigned them.

Poor Little Bo-Peep. If only she stepped away from the house and looked up, she would find her sheep on the roof, blissfully unaware of her concern. It’s unknown how they got up there, but they don’t seem too traumatised by heights.

With a name like Bo-Peep, I found myself wondering about the possible origins of such a name. Could Bo-Peep be a abbreviation of Beau-Peep? Could it be that she was lesser known for looking through other people’s windows? I think not, but what if she was looking for her lost sheep in all the wrong places and found herself reported by a concerned citizen who was unsure of her purpose for wandering around houses in the area late at night?

I didn’t want to paint (or draw) Little Bo-Peep in a bad light (are spotlights bad?), so to give her some credibility, I placed her missing sheep in a nearby place. So the whole pictured incident was really just a terrible misunderstanding that would later be cleared up with the discovery of her sheep’s location.

The nursery rhyme isn’t clear about the number of sheep Little Bo-Peep looked after, though it’s highly probable that there were more than two. Should this be the case, the rest of them must be on the other side of the roof.

Hopefully I haven’t shattered anybody’s fond childhood memories or impressions of Little Bo-Peep.
Actually, I believe I’ve ruined my own fondness of Little Bo-Peep by reading the additional verses of the nursery rhyme as found on Wikipedia. I’d not read them before and, as many nursery rhymes go, it takes a detour to the strange. I won’t outline the plot here; suffice to say it involves detached lambs’ tails.

I’ve been running low on time again unfortunately, so the attached image is only monochromatic for the time being. It will be transformed to colour as soon as possible. If this has already happened, then there it is.