Huff, the magic Dragonfly, lived by the sea, but could no longer afford the ocean abode and gave it up to take his magical talents on the road.

Some time ago, I drew a picture of a fierce looking dragon, holding some rings and handkerchiefs. It was supposedly Puff the Magic Dragon. This version holds no similarity apart from the name, performance type and illusionary ability.

Huff is a magic dragonfly who begrudgingly tours from town to town, performing in any venues willing to have him. His tiny tricks are quite impressive given the slight of hand used is extremely difficult to see without the aid of a magnifying glass.

Carefully step right up, making sure not to accidentally squash the miniature magician.

Watch him sigh with indifference as he produces your chosen microscopic card from an unexpected location.

Be amazed as he waves his wand in displeasure, causing minute objects to disappear and rematerialise before your very strained eyes.

Huff ungraciously posed during the drawing process. This cartoon has been significantly magnified. Much like the digital image enhancement techniques used in those many crime shows on TV.