In a psychiatrist’s office, a meerkat therapy session is under-way. The patient stands relaxed on the couch while thinking about and recounting his problems. The psychiatrist stands on his chair, taking notes.

I really have nothing to exciting to write about this one. It’s merely two meerkats standing on furniture to give the impression of a meerkat therapy session. I’m sure if meerkats had access to furniture they would stand around on it given the chance, much like how goats stand around on top of anything available to them.

This drawing will be a part of my ever so slowly expanding meerkat collection. I believe this is number three in the series, but I do have another one planned for the not so distant future.

I’m not sure what it is about meerkats that makes them so adorable. Perhaps it’s the way they live in family groups and look out for one another so much. They are often seen in photos online hugging one another but more often than not they are standing up and keeping a lookout for any signs of danger. They are less often seen on psychiatrist couches giving an account of where their lives went wrong.

Recently I saw a photo of one lying down which is something not often seen (by me at least). Alas, it was unrelated to meerkat therapy.

I tried to draw this cartoon a bit more haphazardly, with a distorted door in the background. Lines are hopefully a bit more carefree. I’ve also tried to make the meerkat on the couch look a little awkward and reluctant to be there, while the psychiatrist is very serious with his glasses and note-taking. The detached and elevated eyebrows were a last minute addition for added expression.