Several meerkats ride on a roller coaster (standing up) as it speeds downhill. One raises its arms for added enjoyment.

These meerkats haven’t learned from the meerkats on a plane episode, or perhaps these are a different group of meerkats. Standing on their seats once more, they do all look very similar. Had the plane passengers have been tagged for identification then it would be easier to tell.

Adult Meerkats are only around 30cm tall. Meerkats on a roller coaster are a little taller. Even so, they would need their own special miniature roller coaster and when they encountered the “You must be this tall to go on the ride” notice while queuing for the ride, they would have all put their arms up in the air to enhance their appearance in height.

They don’t look to be too excited by the rushing wind through their fur. Perhaps they have done this many times before and have become desensitised to the adrenaline (and wind) rush. The raising of its arms by one of them is the only sign of enjoyment, albeit half-hearted.

Deer Crossing

When I have more time, I would like to make this into an animation. I have an idea of how I would like to do it in terms of which parts would move and which would remain static. It would be along the lines of the Deer Crossing animation but with less depth / perspective and deer… and with more meerkats.

While writing this, the spell check kept suggesting ‘meerkats’ be changed to ‘marketeers’.