High up in the mountains, where the air is thin and the bicycle tracks are thinner, dedicated mountain goats ride cautiously around the dangerous winding trails on their mountain bikes. They are the mountain bike goats of North America.

Perhaps clambering around in precarious locations by foot wasn’t awkward enough for the goats so they felt the need to make their lifestyle more dangerous, or maybe they were just compelled to get from point A to point B that much quicker and motor bikes weren’t an option. Whatever the reason for the bicycle conveyance, these goats are a rare breed and obviously very adaptive to their environment, not to mention brave and non-acrophobic. They are definitely far removed from their fainting goat counterparts.

I don’t envy the goat pictured. I’m sure it’s ‘just like riding a bike’, but at this altitude, I imagine it would be more like trying to ride a unicycle on scattered ball bearings, trying hard not to look down. It is also unclear how these goats pass by or overtake one another on such narrow paths.

This is something a little silly I thought of for no apparent reason apart from its silliness. I just had to do a bit of research on the mountain goats as to where they live and what they look like. Sadly there were no pictures of mountain goats on bikes that I could find to go by (until now), so I had to improvise and this is my impression.

From the ridiculously stalagmite-like mountains and surrounding clouds to to goat’s furry outfit and perilous position, this was fun to draw and colour.