Several cats at a restaurant fossick around on a mouse quest. They decline a menu from the waiter and ask for a building floor plan instead.

If you find cats sitting at the table adjacent to you in a restaurant, it’s probably a good indication that there are unwanted guests of the rodent variety in the vicinity. It would be more concerning if they were frantically hunting around under the table and tablecloth.

I seem to be on a cat theme at the moment. Last week’s drawing involved a cat and this week the mouse quest increases the cat count to six (including the cat under the tablecloth), much to the disapproval of the waiter attempting to take their order.

The cat theme is quite possibly a subconscious desire to get another cat, though if so, I wouldn’t be aware of it and this sentence wouldn’t exist.

There was a lot of deliberating on the caption for the mouse quest cats. After consulting with a friend on a few variations of ideas I had, and after a brief brainstorming session, he came up with the one included here. I liked it because it was rather unexpected and decided to use it (with his blessing of course). Credit to @frodosghost