On the Ninth Day of Christmas, there are nine ladies dancing the Hokey Pokey in a circle. Well, really eight are doing the Hokey Pokey and one is doing her own thing…

This cartoon was done rather quickly compared to its most similar counterpart which would be The Eighth Day of Christmas. Both have eight females doing things, except this one has one more. I’m not sure if I’m getting quicker or if I’m becoming more careless and less pedantic, but this one took about a third of the time to draw and colour than that of the eight maids a-milking.

I had been putting this one off for a while for a couple of reasons. First of all, I hadn’t really come up with a suitable idea until last week and second of all, I was procrastinating on having to draw nine people in one picture. I was trying to come up with ideas that would allow me to draw less than nine.

One consideration was to draw a German version of ‘Nein Ladies Dancing’ where I could draw a minimum of two ladies doing anything other than dancing. Alas, my German language knowledge is not great. Further research revealed that ‘nein’ translates as ‘no’ the noun (as in nay), but ‘kein’, the pronoun means ‘not any’. The latter is the meaning I required, so it would have been Kein Ladies Dancing which didn’t quite have the same ‘nine’ sound.

So nine people later I had the above drawing of a variety of ladies dancing. I chose the Hokey Pokey because it’s a fairly recognisable dance with a set routine and ultimately, that’s what it’s all about.

Most of the characters seem to be enjoying themselves; particularly the lady toward the lower right, who appears to be doing her own thing. While the others are busily putting their left feet in, she seems to be either putting her right foot in or doing a fairly bad Karate Kid impression.

It wasn’t until I had finished that I realised I had neglected to draw a Santa hat on one of the dance participants. Perhaps it fell out of sight while they were shaking themselves about.