A vampire and a woman sit on a bench in what appears to be a break-up scene. The romance is called off due to a blood type mismatch.

I think this would have to be my first vampire drawing, and he looks a little daggy, but having no reflection, appearance and style aren’t the easiest things for him to maintain.

I’m not a big fan of vampires and vampire movies. I won’t begin to talk about the Twilight series, movies but I did like some of the vampire sketches on The Armstrong and Miller Show, which contrasted the old school vampires with their current day counterparts.

My first introduction to vampires would have to have been via Sesame Street, watching The Count recite his numbers with sporadic maniacal laughter. He did get a bit predictable when I got the hang of it, but I was always fond of his monocle.

This was just something quick / rough that I came up with. I had planned a different drawing for today but it needed more work so this one is in it’s place.