A man finds himself all dressed up with nowhere to go, balancing precariously at a high altitude on a narrow pole surrounded by barbed wire.

This is not the cartoon I had planned to have ready for this week. It was supposed to be one featuring several sheep, but time got away and it wasn’t to be. The substitute is one I had drawn a long time ago and I thought it could do with a makeover.

In the original, there were sharp jagged rocks below, but I thought they were a bit unnecessary so left them out. There is still a sense of height and danger. I added to the precariousness of the situation by having the guy balancing on one leg. In the original, he was standing on both legs. There was also no colour.

If the truth be told, I selected this one for a redo because there is not a lot of detail (specifically in the sheep department). I figured I would be able to complete it faster than some of the other potential substitutes. Hopefully next week there will be noticeably more sheep.

The Guinness World Record for standing on one leg is 76 hours, 40 minutes. It was set by Arulanantham Suresh Joachim of Sri Lanka in 1997 and is soon to be broken by Kevin.