Way out west again, a cowboy once more hangs up a sign on the saloon doors as his horse, Déjà Vu, looks on and waits patiently for a second time.

Remember those sitcoms where every now and then they would do a reminiscing or compilation episode consisting of scenes from previous episodes? You got to relive all those fond memories as they took you on a nostalgic journey of rehashed content.

This episode on Thingsesque differs from that in that it’s not a sitcom, nor is it on TV, but it is similar with the rehashed content bit.

I’m going to have a short break over Easter (hence the Out to Easter sign) and wanted to put a quick post up as a notification of that. I didn’t get time to do a new drawing. The result is an old one with a few bunny rabbits thrown in (from a different old cartoon) to loosely represent Easter and to create the poorly disguised illusion of an entirely new and different cartoon.

Happy Easter.