Way out west, a cowboy hangs up an Out To Lynch sign on the saloon doors as his horse looks on and waits patiently.

This week, midst computer issues, I decided I was going to take some time off and not post a cartoon. It didn’t happen. The idea was to do a quick placeholder image to indicate that I was having a break.

Initially, the drawing was going to be a simple ‘out to lunch’ or ‘back soon’ sign hanging on a door. Then I began thinking of possible variations of ‘out to lunch’ and soon envisaged a cowboy putting up an ‘out to lynch’ sign instead.

Naturally, this warranted a a cowboy, a sign and a premises in the form of a saloon with the cliché saloon doors. A horse tied to a post outside was also added for good measure. I couldn’t have the cowboy go a-lynchin’ without a suitable mode of transport.

Colour hasn’t happened at this stage, but will arrive when time permits.