The Owl and the Pussycat went to sea,
In a beautiful pea-green craft,
Dashed dreams of acclamation, for their global navigation,
By copycats in vessels smart and daft.
The Owl consoled its fine furry friend,
And assembled a guitar from IKEA,
“O sadly, Pussy, we’ve become quite the trend,
Next time we should patent our idea, idea, idea,
Next time we should patent our idea.”

The Owl and Pussycat sail on calm waters in their pea-green boat. Their serenity is disrupted when a giraffe and hippopotamus go speeding past on a similar but motor powered adventure.

This was drawn many years ago, around the same time as my previously drawn Owl and Pussycat cartoon, but I hadn’t got around to colouring and posting it.

The cat looks to be a different breed to that of the previous drawing, but I coloured it much the same with the ginger striped pattern.

I thought that, as with the original drawing, this one deserved a little back-story, so I came up with the accompanying poem above. It goes well with the drawing and explains a bit about the bird and feline trying hard to be unique and failing when others do the same thing.

I’m sure the Owl and Pussycat could relate to this clip:

I like the idea of various mismatched animal couples floating around in boats on the ocean. Giraffe with hippo and killer whale with elephant were two examples I used for their absurdity in both compatibility and size. I was especially happy with the killer whale because it’s not one of the more likely boat candidates.

This is also one of the few cartoons I’ve done in sequence form.