Tensions are high as two rival cowboys arrive at a small town out west with paint cans and brushes of different colours. One is pointing atop a cigarette smoking, fuzzy dice toting and startled looking horse. The other is on the verge of drawing his gun, as an argument escalates over which colour to paint the town.

This one could alternatively be titled “Small Town Cowboys Revisited”.

My excuse for not doing a cartoon from scratch is that it’s Easter and I gave myself a little bit of a break. It was nice to be able to grab an existing cartoon, add a couple of props, modify a couple of hands and voila, a whole new cartoon! Well, newish.

I remember while colouring Small Town Cowboys, thinking about the painting the town red idea. I imagined that because it’s such a small town, it could easily be painted should anyone want to paint. It also worked well having the cowboys with different coloured paint, seemingly about to have a shoot-out over colour discrepancy.

One problem I encountered was that the paint cans, paint brushes and spilled paint didn’t really stand out very well. Outlining these items with white really helped with this.

I was delighted to find out recently that the Small Town Cowboys drawing had won an award on Zazzle, known as their “Today’s Best” award. I wasn’t sure what it was, as it was referred to as a TBA and I had to Google it. It is an award they give out (on a daily basis) to designs they like, so that was an honour and nice surprise.

I must point out that while it may seem the Paint Town Cowboys drawing was designed to ride on the coattails of this acclaim, this wasn’t the case. I had the idea for this variation and intention of drawing it, long before that. It is purely the product of one idea triggering another in conjunction with my Easter laziness in not wanting to draw a cartoon from beginning to end over the long weekend.

Happy belated Easter.