An ominous looking man sits on a park bench, dressed in villain-like attire, seemingly on the verge of committing a crime. Nigel had been painted as the bad guy.

There used to be a cartoon by United Artists called Roland and Rattfink. It featured a stereotypical hero and villain. It was sometimes shown as a part of The Pink Panther series. The hero, Roland was a Canadian Mountie and had a prominent chin, while the antagonist, Rattfink (not to be confused with Batfink (a hero from a different cartoon)) was dressed in all black with sinister moustache and full of malevolent intent. I think he would have to be my largest inspiration for this drawing.

…well, him and Dick Dastardly of Hanna-Barbera origin. Dick Dastardly was probably better known because of his off-sider canine called ‘Muttley’ who had a seriously wheezy laugh.

For the sake of trivia, and going off on a tangent now, there was another cartoon dog, going by the name of Precious Pupp, who had an identical laugh to that of Muttley.

Anyway, back to Nigel… I chose Nigel as a name because Nigella is a girl’s name.

I liked the idea of having him be the only coloufully rendered section of the drawing, with the foreground and background being simple lines and plain white for contrast. Initially he was in flat colour, but I’ve tried to give him a textured, painted look, though it’s not so easy to tell at the size shown here. Similarly, I’ve tried to give him a sinister expression and the fact that he’s holding an explosive plunger is a tell-tail sign that he’s up to no good.

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