A temper flares within a bird cage when a parrot confronts its reflection in an attempt to start a cage fight.

Budgerigars and other domestic caged birds have been known to admire their reflection when there is a mirror in the cage with them, but some birds show aggression and attempt to attack their reflection.

A blue wren used to attack its reflection it could see in the window of my bedroom. The shade provided by a nearby fernery and water tank made the window dark enough from the outside for it to become mirror-like and attract little wings and beaks of fury.

Then there was the mudlark that would repeatedly attack its reflection in the side mirror of my car. It would spend a long time flapping about and snapping at the mirror. It could be found doing this frequently and there was often a mess to clean off after it had gone. Thankfully this problem only occurred while the car was parked and not mid-drive.

The pictured parrot attempting to instigate a cage fight, has possibly watched a few too many movies, given that it’s taken to re-enacting scenes from Hollywood films. It’s a good thing it has no access to a gun or the scene may have ended with much broken glass and some severely ruffled feathers.

If the accompanying cage fight picture is black and white, then I haven’t yet coloured, shaded and prettied it. Conversely, if it is coloured, shaded and prettied, then I have.