James and friends are rudely interrupted (and partially squashed) when a wayward whale washes up on their Giant Peach.

The beached whale is a common occurrence these days. While no doubt embarrassing for the mammals, spare a thought for the ones that have difficulty doing that properly and end up in other non-beach locations such as the one illustrated above.

Mistaking a (giant) peach for a beach would be difficult to explain and even more awkward when a couple of peach inhabitants are crushed during the unannounced visit.

I haven’t read James and the Giant Peach since primary school. I recall enjoying it at the time. It was so long ago that I needed to do some quick character research to determine who was on board the magical peach. There were no whales.

Rather than drawing all of the characters, I cheated a little and alluded to the grasshopper and centipede as indicated by legs protruding from underneath the whale.

The motive for the arrival of the peached whale is unclear but my guess is it heard the peach was touring in the area and being a Roald Dahl fan, wanted to have a brush with fame. Either that or it was a simple case of confusion with beach and peach sounding so similar. Then again, maybe it is merely visually impaired and sincerely mistook the peach for a beach.