An elderly couple sit in their living room. The woman knits while her husband bangs on the ceiling with a broom, trying to deter a noisy possum on the roof.

I adjusted the panel size this week to accommodate a percussion possum at the top, happily playing drums and oblivious to the trauma caused below.

You may have noticed that the panel residents have a seemingly operational fireplace, yet there is no chimney visible on the roof where the possum is located. “Where does the smoke go?”, you may be wondering. Fortunately this is just a cartoon and not everything has to make sense. As it turns out however, they have installed a cardboard facsimile of burning logs with smoke in their fireplace so a chimney isn’t necessary.

Panel Repair Query

Possums can be annoying when they reside where they shouldn’t. Thankfully I’ve not had any in the roof cavity, but I’ve heard them on the roof. The accompanying noise is loud, especially when the roof is tin and not tiled. I have also experienced noise birds in the wall cavity, but thankfully no bats in the belfry (that I’m aware of).

As a child, I once found a possum in the chicken coop. Needless to say the chooks were none too happy to have an uninvited guest. Though they would have been less impressed had it have been a percussion possum or worse still, a fox.

There are many rules and regulations regarding possums in Australia. Trapping and releasing them to a different area is prohibited. Further information about possums in Victora can be found here.

I like the idea of cartoon / comic characters interacting with their environment, namely the containing border or panel. A while ago I drew a cartoon depicting a woman having fallen victim to a damaged panel, complete with a wall-mounted cat (shown left).

Many years ago there was a Robotman cartoon (aka Monty) where the characters had a disintegration gun. Robotman used it on the panel wall, creating a hole to another world. When he looked through, he reported seeing copyright text. I have tried to find particular comic for inclusion here, but so far haven’t been able to locate it.