While a pirate breaks up with his girlfriend, his parrot sits atop his hat and whistles. The pirate / parrot parting is based upon the parrot’s disapproval.

Not so long ago, I featured a pirate faking a heart attack to avoid remaining at a High Tea outing with his date. This one is a similar scene, but perhaps more severe (than a fake heart attack) because a woman’s heart is being broken at the news of their relationship break-up.

Sadly, the cause of the parting seems to be a fussy (or jealous) parrot that apparently has far too much input into piracy behaviour. Similarly, there is also one here, giving advice on the pirate dress code. It is becoming evident (according to me) that pirates are largely governed by their parrot counterparts.

Many break-ups are based on the “It’s not you, it’s me” principle. I thought it would be interesting to throw a parrot into the blame mix. While the rejected woman looks suitably devastated and the pirate sincerely concerned, the parrot appears rather pleased with himself as he avoids eye contact and whistles in pretend ignorance.

There seem to be a lot of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ movies on television lately. There is almost a whole channel devoted to them, with a few other shows thrown in to break the monotony. While I haven’t been watching them, I’ve noted their frequent previews and I blame this for my pirate drawing influence.

I must apologise for no cartoon last week. I spent the best part of a week recovering from a cold/flu that persuaded me to draw less.