At a pedestrian crossing, a woman crosses the street while being pursued by poison-bearing ghosts.

The irrational compound fears continue with this strange triad of ghostly urban poison pushers.

While Toxicophasmodromophobia is not contagious, it is a mouthful to pronounce and woe to any would-be sufferers.

Imagine the sheer panic that sets in when you are summoning all your courage to cross the seemingly menacing street, only to then be tailed by (imaginary) apparitions beckoning to you with a fateful beverage.

Toxicophasmodromophobia is a compound phobia consisting of the following three phobias:

  • Toxicophobia – fear of being poisoned.
  • Phasmophobia – fear of ghosts.
  • Dromophobia – fear of crossing the road / street.

The ghosts pictured above don’t look terribly frighting, perhaps a notch scarier than Casper, and I dare say some poor cartoon character might be short a cartoon bed sheet or two. To this poor fear-stricken woman, they are nonetheless all too real and uninviting.

If she had only stopped to face her fears, she might have found that there was no traffic at the time and the ghosts were merely thirsty and requiring some assistance to open the push and turn cap on their bottle.