Across the prehistoric fields, a caveman with a torch is chased by a Tyrannosaurus rex, wanting a light for his cigarette and a little social time.

I don’t often do multi-panel cartoons. This is one that was done some time ago. It had only ever made it to the line drawing stage, so I thought I’d try it in colour to see how it looked.

There had been an animated gif made from the original, but with the recent revamp and improvements made to the characters, a new animation is necessary. The original is looking rather retro.

While there is steady continuity between the first three panels with the ongoing chase, a small leap in time occurs between the third and fourth panel.  The chase has ceased and the dinosaur is happily having a cigarette and some quality time with the caveman.

I imagine that dinosaurs suffered from loneliness every now and then and at times they would cease eating their prey to commune with it. It may have been a little like the typical cat keeping a mouse alive to play with it for a while. Come to think of it, I’m fairly sure cats don’t do this because they’re lonely so it was probably nothing like that at all.

As I was colouring this, I was thinking I would just leave it with black lines. Then I began highlighting some of the lines that warranted colour such as lit end of the cigarette, the torch flame, etc. One thing lead to another and next thing the entire drawing had coloured lines.

It took some time to complete because it was essentially four cartoons in one, but once one instance of the characters and scenery had been coloured, the subsequent became easier because of colour consistency.

The original title for this was ‘Bic Trouble’ and there was a drawing of the dinosaur prior to the chase, trying to use a cigarette lighter that wouldn’t light. While I liked this idea, I wouldn’t have been able to do much with it because of copyright restrictions with the use of the product name Bic.