A worried looking prehistoric greengrocer shows his selection of fruit and vegetables to a dissatisfied Tyrannosaurus rex and realises that a bad career choice may have been made.

Originally I was going to just add this one without any text at the bottom but then decided to allude to the possibility of a sequence of “Unfortunate Career Choices Through Time” drawings. This one is number 23, which leaves ample room to add others and rank them higher if I think they’re better. Oddly enough, I currently don’t have 22 others, but might be able to come up with some over time.

This was first drawn a long time ago and, knowing that I wasn’t going to get the planned drawing for the week done in time, I coloured this one up, making a couple of changes along the way. I found that I had previously drawn the T. rex’s spur on the outer side of the left leg and realised that was wrong. Also, the volcano extended below the horizon (into the foreground a bit) and that was also wrong, considering how far away it’s meant to be. No other mountains were in the background, so they’re new as well.

I was going for a two-tone dinosaur (perhaps a sports model) and ended up with a strange sawtooth pattern on the neck, arm and leg. I’m in two minds about this. Sometimes I look at it and think it’s ok. Other times I see it and wonder what I was thinking. I’ve never seen a tyrannosaurus like this, but then I’ve never seen a real tyrannosaurus full stop and neither has anyone else, so I figure I’m safe. I could have given him a tweed jacket with a top-hat and cane and it would have been ok because who can be certain they didn’t have those accessories and perform amazing dance routines back then (in my imagination)?

I’m sure there are chronological errors in there as well. Chances are there weren’t greengrocers back then and if there were, they probably wouldn’t know much about marketing, sales, discounts, etc. and no doubt carnivores like the tyrannosaurus would find them very inconvenient and annoying. Or maybe highly convenient and delicious.