“Who’s a pretty boy?”, said the parrot of its pirate owner as he* put on his best suit and checked himself out in the mirror in preparation for his hot date.

The last pirate I drew was partaking in High Tea with his female companion. This one is at home preparing for a date with the aid of his trusty fashion-conscious parrot. This of course, is the real reason for the pirates’ long-standing association with parrots. If it weren’t for parrots, pirates would be wearing hideously ill-fitting clothes with an array of clashing colours and mismatched accessories.

I thought it would be nice to have a pirate gussying himself up for a date as best he can, given the missing leg and hand. In lieu of these, he would be able to polish his hook and put a fresh coat of lacquer on his peg-leg, taking care to avoid splinters.

One may wonder about the shoe worn on the peg-leg as to being socially acceptable, but it wasn’t deemed a fashion faux pas by the parrot so it must be a good look. Although the parrot’s response for any worn attire will no doubt include a “pretty boy” reference.

The shoe on the peg-leg was a last minute addition. Originally there was no footwear on this wooden limb. It was added out of sympathy for his disability and to maximise the likelihood of his date being suitably impressed.

*It should be clarified that it’s the pirate preparing for his date and not the parrot.