Somewhere on the border of a desert wasteland and thriving oasis, a business man struggles in an attempt to open a redundant door with his inadequate problem solving skills.

The development process for this cartoon took place rather quickly compared to many of the other ones.

A friend asked me to read an article he’d written titled “The Road to Failure is Feature-Filled” and then draw a cartoon for it.

As I read, it got me thinking about how sometimes people (myself included) approach problems in an unnecessarily complicated manner when there are often easier solutions to be found by looking at the bigger picture. It’s easy to focus on things with tunnel vision, oblivious to the things that may be present within peripheral view. We can be convinced that we’re on the right track, trying to force things that won’t budge when an onlooking third party can clearly see that the wrong method or process is being used.

This was where my mind wandered when reading the article. It may be a bit off track, possibly related indirectly, but this is the image that sprang to mind as I read. The article can be found at Frodosghost.

I tried some experimental colouring with some of the black lines of less prominent features / objects, making them blend more seamlessly with the objects they describe. In this one, most of the background and distant objects have had their edges blended with their surrounding colours to produce a less harsh result. I think it worked ok, helping to bring the focus more to the main subject.