A bird helps a pterosaur catch up on the some of the important events and trends that have occurred since prehistoric animals became extinct.

If a pterosaur (meaning “winged lizard”) ever showed up today, it would be long overdue for a catch up on all the latest gossip and happenings in the world since it disappeared. This little bird is doing a good deed by filling in all the historical gaps during a bathing session at the local waterhole / bird bath.

Pterosaurs are often incorrectly called pterodactyls by media / journalists, and many other people, myself included. I ended up replacing almost every reference to pterodactyl here with pterosaur. There is more information and a distinction between the two terms at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pterosaur

Pterosaur Miners 1940sI must have an odd fascination with unusual creatures appearing in bird baths. Some time ago, I posted a picture of a cassowary in a bird bath bath wearing a floatation device. A shocked woman was looking out the window and calling to her husband. There is no apparent floatation device in this one, but the attending creature is definitely more exotic. So much so, it’s extinct.

A dodo was another possibility I thought about using, but the lack of feathers on a pterosaur lead to a greater distinction between a pterosaur and common bird. Feathers turned out to be one of the key topics the small bird is informing the pterosaur about.

There are a lot of impressions and interpretations of these prehistoric flying creatures, some are pictured as having tails, while others have none, but the one I found most creative and impressive, was an old sepia photo, possibly circa 1940, featuring some miners with guns holding up a huge pterosaur carcass they had supposedly just killed. Some pretty good Photoshop (or equivalent) work went into this. Even though it’s fake, it gives an idea and appreciation of how big these beings were by comparison (to miners and guns).

If anyone has rights to this image, please let me know and I will remove it.