Angry eyes are intently focussed on the cutting and pasting of letters from a magazine for a ransom message so sinister that kindergarten children may have enjoyed taking part. Such is the way of the ransom note beginner.

Happy Belated New Year.

Ah, the fond memories of cutting and pasting. There were many messy hours spent cutting out pictures and pasting them on paper. I don’t recall the purpose back then, but I’m sure blackmail had nothing to do with it. It was more likely to be the simple enjoyment of making a mess as a child. These days, there is still a lot of cutting and pasting done, albeit electronic and far less messy.

When I was younger, our glue was referred to as ‘Clag’. I had intended to use this word instead of glue for drawing, but suspected it may have been a brand name. A quick look online confirmed that Clag is indeed a brand name, and not only that, but an Australian brand so it may have left some people lost and confused (not that my other drawings don’t do that anyway). I suppose ‘paste’ may have been a more generic alternative.

While composing the ransom note wording and sentence, I made sure to make use of the Oxford Comma when listing the withheld items. I was never taught to use the Oxford Comma (or anything about it) while at school, but since discovering it and noticing the often ridiculous ambiguities that can arise without it, I am now an advocate of its importance. Still, habit will no doubt cause me to inadvertently omit it more often than not.

I tried to make the guy in this look rather big and nasty, hence he doesn’t really fit in the frame. It never occurred to me to give him some tattoos. That may have helped to make him look more threatening. Although, he does have the wayward letter ‘E’ stuck to his forearm that may be misconstrued as a tattoo. Even so, the letter ‘E’ by itself, when inked on someone’s arm doesn’t really evoke feelings of fear. That being said, I’m sure there is someone out there who has a phobia induced by the letter ‘E’. Probably uppercase more so than lowercase. The phobia would be more intense, should it be followed by an exclamation mark or two.