In the wee hours of the morning, a brave Rapunzel abseils down the tower wall using her long hair. It was around the half way down point that she spotted the flaw in her daring abseil escape attempt.

Poor Rapunzel. After being locked away in her tower for so long, she finally plucked up the courage to descend the tower wall by way of her hair, only to realise that once on the ground she would still be tethered to the tower like a tennis ball on a totem tennis (tether tennis, or swingball) pole.

Depending on the length of her hair, she could then travel in a tightening spiral around the base of the tower for a given distance before having to reverse direction. At least this way she could get some exercise.

Assuming she had some scissors or a knife on her person, she could (in theory) cut her hair, but according to Disney’s “Tangled”, her hair has magical healing properties (and glows while a special song is sung) and will be magical no more if the hair is cut. So this probably isn’t the best option for Rapunzel, but she would be sure to do it if her freedom held more importance than hairy powers… and she had some form of sharp blade.

I tried to make the colouring and shading on the Rapunzel Abseil Escape Attempt a little bit special, with a lovely starry night backdrop for her descent. A few corners were cut by not decking Rapunzel out in the standard and approved abseiling gear so Occupational Health & Safety might have something to say about that. I just figured that this equipment wasn’t likely to be floating about within her room of confinement and available to her. It wasn’t appropriate that I should have her magically wearing a harness, padding and a helmet. After all, it’s only her hair that is supposedly magic and I doubt it has the power to make matter materialise.