A hearing impaired Rapunzel throws down random objects at the pleas of her knight without shining armour. This was the idea for the Rapunzel cartoon. I could have easily included many other items rhyming with ‘hair’, but the list items were becoming a bit obscure and it probably would have been overkill.

Rapunzel - Hare

Rapunzel – Hare

I showed this cartoon to a friend and he suggested that Rapunzel should have been throwing down a hare. This, being the most obvious option, hadn’t even occurred to me.

Shortly afterwards I did a another drawing featuring the hare and set it just after the initial one chronologically, so that the bear had landed and can be seen walking off in the background. They could have been made into a two-panel strip. I hope to include it here soon in colour, but it can be seen below as line art.