Adages are words of wisdom, thought to be truisms that if adhered to, can help to guide us on life’s journey. What follows is nothing like that. It’s also not a list of things Confucius said.

Have you ever heard someone attempting to recite an adage, only to merge two and create something completely meaningless and rather amusing? No, me neither, but I’ve attempted to disassemble and reassemble some adages in this manner.

The Absurd Adages below, also know as Mixed Proverbs, are randomly generated and you may notice a few repeat beginnings or endings in there because the list is currently very finite. I will add to it now and then as I come across more pearls of wisdom and this will reduce the repetition.

If you have any favourites that I most probably missed, feel free to add them to the comments below and they can become a part of the mix.

Give me 20



Give me 20


These expressions are purely nonsense and should not be mistaken for sage advice under any circumstances.